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I met Niki at Jason Croy Salon in 2005. Niki always cut and colored my hair beautifully. Not only is Niki a personable hair professional, she listened to my needs and I was always more than satisfied. NYC needs Niki back and so do I.

Rodie Kaiser

My first experience with Niki when she was with Curls Gone Wild was amazing!  Her professional approach and attention to detail hooked me forever!  I was so glad to have finally found a hair dresser who truly understood every aspect of curly hair!  And not just curly hair in general, but she took the time to understand MY curls!  Her hair cut was like nothing I have ever had!  And the color is rich and vibrant, with texture and dimension!  I’ve spent way too many years and way too much money in expensive trendy salons!  I’m so glad I have found Niki!  I feel like my hair is finally in good hands!  And, that I finally know how to handle my hair too!

Thanks to Niki, I now can rock curly beautiful extensions!  They look completely natural!  It’s great having a hair dresser that is both knowledgeable and experienced. She has mastered several hair extension techniques which allows me to pick the best for my personal desires. She always puts the continued health and growth of my natural hair as first priority.  Thanks to Niki, my curly long hair dreams have become my reality!

Danielle Gilmore

I have natural waves but throughout the years it got damaged so when I wash and leave it… it looks like a mop. I went to Niki Z. once and she did the amazing magic on my hair! I came out of the salon with amazing bouncy sexy curls and loved it! She has ability to also pick the right color to suit me! Simply talented and helps to have a hairdresser with nice bubbly personality and gorgeous hair as well 🙂

Karen Pereira

Niki transformed my hair from a block bleach blonde to a fabulous natural beach blonde while I was in Doha. Never have I had so much hair envy going on as when Niki did my hair! She used her fabulous painting on technique. I have recently moved back to London and went to Harvey Nicks which advertised the same technique. Well it wasn’t a patch on Niki’s skills, if only I was in the states all my hair worries would be over!

Hannah Falconer

I was never so happy with my hair as the 20 year span that Niki did my hairstyle. From raging reds and deep violets to Japanese straightening, her suggestions on color and expertise on cut & style always got me rave reviews! I was never so happy as those years when Niki did my hair and it’s been a real quest to find someone as talented over the past years to replace her.


As someone who is uneasy around new people, new environments can be difficult. My family move to a new country every couple of years and this means a new salon. *groan* New stylist *cringe*. Moving so often has exposed me to more than my share of tearfully bad haircuts and I usually wait as long as possible to book in to a new place. Sometimes a year or more. Within my first few weeks in Doha I was extremely fortunate to be referred to Niki. I was told she would be perfect for me and not to worry about anything. I gave my usual polite response, but booked an appointment and held my breath. I never should have worried. Niki is amazing. She instantly put me at ease, was very receptive to my ideas, was very forthright about what would and wouldn’t work for my hair and how we could get the result I wanted. My color was always stunning and the haircut perfectly structured. Niki made me very comfortable, boosted my confidence, and even taught me how to better look after my hair. I can’t recommend Niki enough. I wish she had moved to Australia with me.

Candice Basey-Fisher

I found Niki through my sister who found her online. We were looking for an alternative to the usual hair extensions. We tried them all. I have to say that the Microchet method is great! It feels great on the scalp and looks great. Niki goes out of her way to make sure you are happy. She has a great personality, I already referred her to one of my best friends who just had her hair extensions done last week and they look and feel terrific. They really are so light on your head I can’t see ever going without them.

Thanks again Niki!!!