All things Curly, Colorful and Cut: Services and Prices


Color Correction and Double Process Color:

Starts at $200 per session and can alter up or down in salon ONLY. Please note that some color correction sessions can last as long as 8 hours and can span many visits. We strive to give you your desired end result, while keeping the integrity of your hair intact.  Quoted cost after the initial consultation may be subject to change + or – depending upon the actual procedures needed for your individual hair.

*A color correction is any color service going from dark to light, brassy to soft, switching between color pallettes (i.e. red to blond, black to brown, stripes to soft ombre, etc). The final desired outcome of a color correction can sometimes be achieved in one visit, however, more often than not it may take several visits to achieve the desired result and maintain the health and integrity of your hair. A consultation is always recommended so we can outline a plan of action that you are comfortable with, and to honestly assess what is and isn’t possible.
Double Process Color (Blonde Bombshell): Starting at $200 for first time appointment and price can adjust up or down based on number of procedures and length of hair.      Root touch up only: $100 and up


Fantasy Colors needing pre-lightening service: Starting at $200 and adjusts up or down depending on amount of colors chosen, length of hair and complexity of desired end result.
Fantasy color retouch (no pre-lightening needed): Starting at $75 and up


Keep your vibrant colors VIBRANT, keep your blondes from going brassy, keep your brunettes shiny this summer with our eXclusive Color eXending Conditioning additive and treatment, custom blended colors eXclusively for you!!!

Use at home between visits to keep your color fresh until your next touchup. Bring it in with you when you visit us for a cut or style to enhance your service and revive your color! Call us for more information!

Color eXtending conditioning treatment additive: $25 (with purchase of our recommended conditioner) or $45 if you choose to bring in your own choice of conditioner. (must be a 12 oz bottle, new)
Bring your Color eXtending Conditioner into the salon with you at your appointments and your in salon treatment is free! Ask us for more information!!!

*Please note that when fantasy colors are your goal there will be some home maintenance required by you in order to protect your investment. Don’t shampoo often, only use cool water, no sulphates, no silicones, no high heat. You may also choose to invest in a recommended color enhancing take home product to retain the vibrancy of your new Fantasy color.

*** When ever possible we like to precleanse the hair with a chelating cleanser to remove any buildup of metals or minerals in the hair for a better color service. Note this may add a few minutes onto your appointment time.***


Curly Specialty Cut: $75 and up in salon/ $100  and up Xtended visit
*when getting a curly cut and color service on the same day OR if choosing not to get a wet set your curly specialty cut is $50

Haircut (women, men, children): $60 and up in salon / $85  and up Xtended visit

Blanket color: $60 and up in salon ($85 and up with curly set or blow out)/ $100 and up Xtended visit

Highlights: $150 and up in salon / $200 and up Xtended visit

Accent Highlights: $75 in salon / $85 and up Xtended visit

Highlight techniques include foiling, balyage, pintura, ombre, sombre, babylights, color melt, etc.

Color Xtender over Highlights (at time of highlight appointment): $20 in salon / $35 Xtended visit

Color Xtender: $50 in salon / $60 Xtended visit

Color Xtending Conditioning Treatment: $20 in salon

Moisture Xtension: $20 in salon

We offer a variety of Moisture and Protein Xtending Treatments. These may be done as a stand alone service for $20 or added to your color service for an additional $10.

PPT-DO by Shinbi – a two step protein treatment to restore elasticity, support color process, enhance color longevity.

                 EPT Elasmin by Shinbi -Contains highly concentrated premium elasmin protein that adds elasticity to hair for strength.
              PPT – Collagen and keratin treatment strengthens cuticles while deeply penetrating into the cortex to                  restore integrity of the hair.
             Malibu C products for ensured penetration of hair color. Removes mineral buildup from unpurified                  water, chlorine and heavy metals from the hair. 
                Curl finish only: $50

Blow dry only: $50

Package Prices

First time curly cut package: includes cut, lesson, small cleanser, small conditioner, small gel, 20 clips – $135

Blanket color with curly set or blo: $75

Cut and Blanket color: $100

Color Xtender Glaze over Highlights (same day): $20

Curly cut/traditional cut +blanket color: $100

Highlights + Cut: Cut is $50 (price of Highlight to be determined, starting at $150)

All extension installation prices are inclusive of pre-cut on natural hair if necessary, installation of extension, cut and blending of extension hair and monthly maintenance checkup appointments.

All extension removal prices are inclusive of cleanse and condition of natural hair and trim of natural hair if needed.

Xtended Nails:  $100 per service Xtended visit(within a 10 mile radius of salon)/  $75 full set/$50 fills at salon

Makeup application: $75 in salon / $125 Xtended visit

Ask us about our traveling hair color and extension parties. As the host you can earn great discounts or even free hair color or extensions. We travel anywhere in the world.

By appointment only. Contact Niki Z. to schedule your visit.

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