Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

A sew-in beaded weft extension is the process of adding hair extensions by creating a beaded foundation that lays very flat. Then sewing a hair weft to the foundation to achieve the desired style. Depending on the quality of the hair being installed, and meticulous care of the installed hair, the hair may be re-installed for up to a year.

Xtend Yourself Secret Extensions

Installation starting at $150 per row up to 3 wefts per row – does not include hair

This method lays FLAT! Fantastic if you have finer hair, amazing on thick hair. Easy to wear in a straight style or curled. No need to drop out your install every 6 weeks, just come in every 4 weeks for a quick and easy tune up and out the door you go. One install may be worn for up to 6 months, with regular tune-up maintenance every 4 weeks.

Good for all hair types. Best for sensitive scalps as the bead is cushioned between the wefts of hair. Alleviates scalp tension. Added layer of stability. Lays very flat against your scalp. Great to add length and fullness. 

Tune up costs:

  • at 4 weeks pre-booked- $75
  • 5 weeks- $100
  • 6-7 weeks- $200

Sewless Weft Hair Extensions

Installation starting at $50 per row – does not include hair

With this method there is no sewing. The weft is held in place with beads or Shrink Links. This technique creates a very flat installation, is faster to install and can simply be adjusted up every four weeks, up to three times. Best for temporary installations- i.e. special events, vacations, want to try out a longer wear extension option but don’t want to commit to a higher cost just yet.

Mesh Row Hair Extensions

Installation starting at $225 to $400 – does not include hair

Best for fine, fragile hair. Gives the most added layer of protection between the bead and your scalp. Considered more of a protective option. Maintenance every 3-4 weeks.

Tightening service- $75

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we are asked about Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

What are Beaded Weft Hair Extensions?

This is an amazing way to wear hair extensions. Wefted extensions have been around for years but we are now finding ways to wear them flatter and more undetectable than ever! Wefted extensions give the wearer a more universal coverage on the head around the perimeter, no spaghetti strands. These can be worn alone or in conjunction with the strand by strand methods for a truly custom install.

Wefts are rows of hair that have been machine sewn or hand tied onto thread that can be installed near your scalp for added fullness, length and color. For our installations we generally recommend hand tied wefts. They lay flatter and are more easily camouflaged in finer and lighter hair.

Who can Wear Them?

Most people can wear some sort of wefted extension. If you are experiencing active hair loss extensions are NOT recommended.

How Long do They Last?

The methods used at Xtend Yourself Salon can be worn up to 2-6 months safely with proper home care and in salon maintenance. Depending on the quality of hair you choose to purchase it can be reinstalled up to 1 year.

How are They Installed?

At Xtend Yourself Salon we utilize a variety of methods for installing your wefts. We use micro beads or shrink links and, in some cases, a water-resistant thread.

What Does it Cost?

The cost of the hair varies on length, color and quality. The installation method is usually around $100-$125 per row for the install, most getting two to three rows. Monthly maintenance can be as low as $75.

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