Choosing the right hair color

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Color

Coloring your hair can be thrilling. It can be life changing. It can be confidence boosting. It can also be terrifying. We all know someone who walked into a salon with a photo of Reese Witherspoon’s highlights only to walk out looking like a zebra.
That won’t happen with me. As a hair color artist, here are my tips on how to communicate what you like about a magazine picture to achieve the beautiful new hair color you’ll love:

  1. Know what you like, but keep an open mind. Hair color pictures can be a great place to find inspiration for a new look. Bring in a photo that you love and we’ll work together to find the right look just for you. There is a lot of beautiful hair out there. Having an open mind on the options and possibilities from the beginning may mean the difference between a good color job and a great hair color that makes you shine.
  2. Keep in mind where your hair color pictures came from. A photo from a hair stylist magazine or the latest Cosmopolitan mag often has far different lighting than a photo from the red carpet or of a celebrity at a nightclub. Remember, too, that magazines touch up their photos, often altering them. I want to make sure your color looks beautiful in any light — from morning sunshine to office lighting and into the sultry evenings.
  3. Know whether you’re looking for the idea of the photo or the actual hairstyle. Coloring your hair to match a photo can work out beautifully. The key is to communicate whether your heart is set on a certain color of highlight, lowlight or just the general idea of the style. If the highlights in the photo are honey, champagne might enhance your existing hair coloring more effectively. Make sure to make what you want clear when you come in for your session.
  4. Pay attention to your skin and hair color. Pictures of hairstyles that show Penelope Cruz looking radiant may not be the best hairstyles for you if you have Nicole Kidman’s skin tone and coloring. Heart-shaped faces and pixie cuts look fantastic, but not if you have a long face and a square chin. Remember that the picture you’re looking at isn’t you.
  5. Know that some things can’t be done. There are limits to what even the best stylist can do with your hair color. Pictures can look beautiful, but if they’re too light or dark for your hair and skin tone or if the process will cause too much damage to your hair shaft, I’ll let you know.

The most important thing is that you leave feeling beautiful.

5 Hair Color Tips Straight From a Hair Color Artist

When it comes to the color of your hair, your choices can be overwhelming. Highlights, lowlights, partials, overlays — if you’re new to the game of great hairstyles and fashions, the hair color lingo is confusing. Which is best? What should you choose? Which hair color tip works best with your hair? Here are some hair color tips to make the process simple and easy to understand:

  1. Consider your skin and hair color. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll discuss different options that work best for your skin color, shape of face, natural hair color, and the hair color you have right now.
  2. You’ve thought of highlights — now think about lowlights. The days of adding a few chunks of blonde into a bunch of chestnut hair are over. In addition to highlights (when foils are used to lighten strands of hair), you may want to consider lowlights. Lowlights involve the same coloring process as highlights, but lowlights darken the hair rather than lighten it. Used in combination, these two techniques create a richer, more luxurious and multifaceted look.
  3. When I hand paint highlights or lowlights into your hair, I have much more control over details of the process. I create strands that are incredibly narrow, meaning you can choose from a broader range of hair colors. Wine or mahogany hair color might seem too dark when applied in broad strokes, but hand painted highlights offers you many more choices. I can help give you the rich, perfect hair color you’re looking for.Think outside the box.
  4. Pay attention to your hair color after your process. I offer strategies for after-color care to keep your color looking beautiful for weeks. Hair color tips don’t end when you get out of the chair or leave the salon.
  5. Had a hair color disaster? Don’t wait. If you’ve had a nightmare experience elsewhere and are unhappy with your look, don’t wait. Come in for repair. Relax, though … nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Call me right away and let me know that you need a color correction. We’ll set aside time for personalized attention.

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