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October 23rd, 2018

Cut to End Cancer

Update: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Cut to End Cancer drive every Monday in December. We raised $300 that is being used toward acupuncture treatments for Chemo patients at Ironwood Cancer Research Centers, who can’t afford the treatment on their own. We will hold another fund raising drive ever Monday in Feb. Come in for a cut, pay what you choose (hopefully more that the asking price) and that will be donated towards wigs or treatments for people going through cancer. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


Every one of us has been touched by cancer somehow…through a family member, a friend or even oneself. This disease does not discriminate and it does not play favorites.  Here at Xtend Yourself Hair Salon in Gilbert, AZ, we too have been touched by this horrible ailment.

My first experience with cancer and its devastating effects was during high school with a dear friend of mine, Jon. Jon had bone cancer and at that time the treatment of choice was to remove the affected limbs. Over several years his body was reduced limb by limb until he was bed ridden.  He passed so young.

Since then, with research and new innovations, treatments have improved as has quality of life during treatments.  Success rates have also improved greatly.  My father passed in 2008 from Multiple Myeloma.  My longest childhood friend passed 1 year ago today from a very long multi year struggle with various types of cancers and my mother had bilateral breast cancer…three different kinds.

Those chapters in my life involving cancer also had a very positive side. Because of my mother, I met my amazing husband.  You see, he was her Radiation Oncologist. With his help my mother was able to go into remission, be at our wedding and even live with us for a time.  She passed 2 years ago March, from kidney disease.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my friend was also a patient of my husbands. With his help and the help of the amazing doctors and staff at Ironwood Cancer Research Centers, she was able to fight for many years longer than thought possible.  She was able to be there for her first grandchild’s birth, saw her two oldest out of and into high school and was there to give her young daughter skills to take her into adulthood.  My father also was a patient at Ironwood years before and we were granted 2 extra years with him longer than they predicted.

This disease of cancer touches all our lives.   But good things can come from the connections we make because of it. It is in this spirit that we announce:

Cut to End Cancer Mondays, Every Monday in December! 

Make an appointment for a haircut on any Monday in December, pay what you want and 50% will go towards patient care to help people who otherwise would not be able to afford their cancer treatments, the other 50% will go towards purchasing wigs for donation to women who are living through chemotherapy and the hair loss associated with that treatment. (cash and check preferred) I will be sure to post a list of items purchased and monetary donation given. Let’s see if we can make this a bi-monthly event!

Remember, if you are someone currently receiving treatment for cancer all scalp cleanings (shaving), scalp massages, wig alterations and haircuts (if you have hair to cut) are free of charge, as is your first post treatment cut and color.

Please be sure to share this message, make an appointment to get a Cut to End Cancer, make some positive connections. Hang out, have a cup of coffee… good conversation, share some laughter.  Let’s see what we can accomplish when we band together!

Call or text my cell to make your appointment today:  516-816-6452


Niki Olyejar – Xtend Yourself Hair Salon