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November 16th, 2017

Extensions, customized for your individuality!

In stock 16-inch keratin bond extensions!!! We have a large variety of colors and will custom blend your new head of long, luscious, locs with a signature blend of colors that is all your own. While supplies last come in, pick a color, pick 10 colors…. We can do it all for you! 75 strands of extensions = 150 installed strands! That’s a FULL HEAD of top quality extension hair for only $150! (price is for hair only and does not reflect installation fee)

Here is your chance to have longer, fuller hair in just the right shade, or shades, without having to purchase more than you need! When you want the most natural look you need more than just one color, but when you buy from a dealer you MUST purchase a full pack, so if you need 4 colors you usually end up with more hair than you need, but not enough for a second installation. Here, we have remedied that problem. Only purchase what you need! Experience how amazing your hair will look and feel with custom blended, personalized extensions, just for you!

Don’t need a full head? Just looking for some high/lowlights? Have some thinning areas that you would like to be fuller? Bangs too short? Area breakage you would like to hide? No problem! Just $2.50 per strand, up to 30 strands.

Need more than 75 strands? Only $2.50 each additional strand past 75.

Price is for installation of extensions at XtendYourself Salon. Extensions can not be removed from the salon. Any guarantee on extension hair comes from the distributor/manufacturer. If you ever have a concern regarding the installed hair quality, XtendYourself Salon will do our best to recover your monies or secure new hair from the dealer/manufacturer, however we cannot guarantee the hair quality as we do not produce the hair in the salon. We do guarantee the quality of the installation, any and all coloring services done to the extension hair, and the cutting of the extension hair.