Hair Color


Hair Highlights and Lowlights - Full $200 Partial $125

Highlights add lighter color to dark hair whereas lowlights add darker color to light hair. Used separately or together, they give an outdoorsy sun-kissed look to your features. For artificially colored hair, highlights and/or lowlights provide the textured look of naturalness. And for natural hair, they provide added texture, shine and definition. Either can be created using hair color or extensions – your choice. Highlights, low lights and Ombre color can be created with extensions as well as color. 

Unicorn Color, Double Process, Dimensional Color & Color Correction

Unhappy with your current hair color? Can’t get that natural redhead look? Is your blond brassy and broken? We specialize in color corrections and customizing dimensional color just for you. We specialize in hair painting techniques for creating natural, believable, streak-free highlights using ecologically friendly, biodegradable tissue instead of foils. There is no harsh line during grow out and it’s so light and comfortable while processing. These processes require a consultation in order to determine actual cost. Prices start at $300.

Blanket Hair Color - $85

For an all over color, grey reduction color, touch-up, going all over lighter or darker or just getting a wash of color over your natural hair color.

Coloring Your Extensions

Yes, most natural hair extensions can be colored, within reason. The higher the quality, raw virgin hair, the more options you have for customizing the color. The more the extension hair was processed in the factory, the smaller your options. Going darker or brighter is usually fairly straight forward. Going slightly lighter or adding a few highlights can usually be done on high quality hair. Going very light is not recommended. Requires a consultation in order to determine actual cost.