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Xtend Yourself Hair Salon & Niki Z. of Arizona, specialize in hair extensions (perfect for clients with thinning hair, hair loss due to chemotherapy or for client who just want thicker, longer hair), hair cutting, hair coloring, & hair styling, event make-up application & grooming services, nail extensions and eyelash extensions! Want to get glamorous in the comfort of your hotel room or home or enjoy a beauty evening with your girlfriends? We’ll come to you!

Hair Extensions

Want longer, fuller hair? Have you had a bad haircut that you want to “undo?” Looking to make a color change without the chemical commitment? We provide hair extensions for almost everyone, offering a wide range of methods, pricing structures and hair qualities. We also provide installation for those providing their own hair additions.  We custom make all clip in hair extensions and are able to custom blend colors for strand by strand extensions.  We can color most higher quality extensions to match your hair (there is no guarantee on hair that is brought in by the customer).

Disclaimer: Extensions, Clip-in Hair and Track Hair Policy
All hair is final sale once taken home or removed from the Xtend Yourself Studio or once the Xtended to you in home/office/hotel service is deemed complete. We recommend in-person consultations for those in state. On-line consultations are for out of state or out of the country clients. Please be advised that prices quoted upon consultation are subject to change during actual service time as some clients may need more hair when the application is complete. This holds true with color correction services as well: as time, amount of product, and number of services needed to achieve desired results can vary. Xtend Yourself will let you know ahead of time if more may be needed but does not take financial responsibility for clients that may need more hair. Everyone has their own individual thickness of hair and size of the head therefore we order what we believe is needed.

Strand by Strand

With this extension technique small strands of extension hair are attached one by one to small sections of your own hair by either weaving in, gluing, heat fusing, clamping with metal tubes, sewing, hand knotting, or using waxes and polymers. We use either pre-tipped strands or can custom blend/make them in the salon.

  • Fusion: Fusion Hair Extensions is the process of fusing hair extension with your own natural hair. The process uses individual strands of hair extensions. These hair extensions are then added close to the scalp, throughout your hair. This natural blend of fusion hair extensions helps your hair obtain, a natural, beautiful look.. This method will last 2 to 5 months. Although we only recommend and guarantee up to 3 months of wearing. The best feature about using this method is the bonds can be custom sized for all hair types and can even be made micro small for use around the bang and hairline area as well as the top of the head.
  • Micro-Links and Shrink Links: The Micro Link hair extensions and Shrink Links are easy to wear and easy to remove.  Shrink Links are a bit more durable and tend to slip less, but must be completely removed and re-installed. Micro Links may tend to slip a bit more, but they can be adjusted as needed up to two or three times without having to remove the hair completely. Both are used with I-tip hair.  Both of these methods will last up to 3 months. The best feature about using either method is that the hair can be re-used up to a year or more if well cared for.  For this reason we recommend purchasing top quality hair. 

Wefted Hair

Clip-In Method:  Clip-in hair extensions should removed from hair daily and not worn to bed. Clip-ins can be worn for specific occasions or for someone who wants to wear their clip-ins daily we can create a clip base for you that should be redone every 4 weeks. This is a great option for someone trying out extensions for the first time, but don’t yet want the obligation of a more permanent method. This is also a great choice for those times in-between removal and re-installation of your more permanent extension methods, to let your scalp rest. If you care for your clip-ins properly the hair should be wearable for up to two years (depending on how often you wear them and what quality they are). This method will allow less damage to natural hair while you wear clip-ins.

Sew-In Method:  A sew-in weave is adding hair extensions by creating a foundation with nice firm braids that lay very flat. Then sewing a hair weft to the braid to achieve desired style. This method last can 3 to 4 months with proper maintenance. We do not recommend keeping it in any longer than that, however, depending on the quality of the hair being installed, and meticulous care of the installed hair, the hair may be re-installed for up to a year.

Sewless Method:   With this method there is no sewing.  The weft is held in place with beads or Shrink Links. This technique creates a very flat installation, is faster to install and can simply be adjusted up every four weeks (up to three times).

Seamless Method: The newest and most undetectable method of extensions. Have a full, beautiful mane without lumps and bumps. Lightweight, flat, and natural looking, this technique won’t damage your hair and will last for 4-8 weeks. You can shampoo your hair while wearing the seamless (tape) hair extensions and the hair is reusable. These extensions are very comfortable to wear.

Bulk Hair

Xtend Braids:  There are many different braided methods.  Some use human hair, some use synthetic hair. Some are heat sealed, some glued and some are thread tied.  We have created a blend of the “box braid” and the “micro braid”. Using special thread, we hand tie each extension close to the head so you don’t see where the extensions are.  We have been told that this method is easy to wear, comfortable and very natural.  Some people don’t want any glue, Keratin, beads or metal clips near their scalp.  This allows them to have lovely, long extensions but keep all inorganic materials away from their scalp.

Dreadlock Hair Extensions:  Custom dreadlock hair extensions made from either natural wool or fiber hair. These are an Xtend Yourself exclusive! We created these Dreadlock Hair Extensions for use by anyone not wanting to dread their own hair.  Xtend Yourself exclusive installation method will not damage your own hair. These will need to be removed at Xtend Yourself. We custom make each one for the client. They can take up to 30min each to make. READ MORE ABOUT DREADLOCK EXTENSIONS

All hair extension services include:

– follow-up care (determined by technique chosen. Not included in services done with hair provided by the client)
– cut and style
– a private environment
– one on one consultation
– professional install of the hair extension method you choose
-guidance and opportunity to purchase recommended products

Hair Coloring Services – Choosing the Right Hair Color

Hair Highlights and/or Lowlights:  Highlights add lighter color to dark hair whereas lowlights add darker color to light hair. Used separately or together, they give an outdoorsy sun-kissed look to your features. For artificially colored hair, highlights and/or lowlights provide the textured look of naturalness. And for natural hair, they provide added texture, shine and definition. Either can be created using hair color or extensions – your choice. Hi/low lights and Ombre color can be created with extensions as well as color.  READ MORE ABOUT HIGHLIGHTS AND LOWLIGHTS

Color Changes, Dimensional Color and Color Correction:  Unhappy with your current hair color? Can’t get that natural redhead look? Is your blond brassy and broken? We specialize in color corrections and customizing dimensional color just for you. We specialize in hair painting techniques for creating natural, believable, streak-free highlights using ecologically friendly, biodegradable tissue instead of foils. There is no harsh line during grow out and it’s so light and comfortable while processing.

Blanket Color:  For an all over color, grey reduction color, touch-up, going all over lighter or darker or just getting a wash of color over your natural hair color.

Coloring Your Extensions:  Yes, most natural hair extensions can be colored, within reason. The higher quality the raw, virgin hair, the more options you have for customizing the color. The more the extension hair was processed in the factory the smaller your options. Going darker or brighter is usually fairly straight forward. Going slightly lighter or adding a few highlights can usually be done on high quality hair. Going very light is not recommended.

Hair Cutting & Styling Services

We strive to customize every cut to suit every client. Whether you are cutting your naturally growing hair or your extensions. We specialize in cutting and maintaining curly hair as well.

Event Styling, Grooming & Make-Up Application

Styling and Makeup- Getting married? Special photo-shoot? We can Xtend ourselves to make that special moment perfect.  Let us add some temporary extensions to make your up-do something special. We have packages that include 2 sets (ten pieces) of tape in extensions OR 3 tracks of clip-in extensions, up-do and make-up.

Eyelash Extensions

We provide exquisite eyelash extensions utilizing Blink Lashes, Mink Lashes (available upon request) and Lavish Lash products. This service is done by a third party lash specialist. For additional information and/or scheduling please contact Niki directly at niki@xtendyourself.com or 516-816.6452.

Nail Extensions

We provide tips, acrylic and gel nail extensions straight to you at home, work or hotel.

Xtend Yourself Beauty Parties!

In home or hotel, get three or more friends together for an Xtension and Makeup Glam-athon. This includes; extension installation, styling and makeup application (offer good for 16 pieces Seamless Extensions or  75 I-tip Micro Link strands),  1 bottle of champagne or wine, cheese, fruit and cracker platter.

Have an Xtended Night Out. Get five of your friends together for mini lash extension services, nail extensions, makeup and hairstyle. Included in the price per person is one custom made extension clip-in (not human hair). This comes in very blond, pink, blue, purple, or black. Other colors may be available. This is a great way to kick off a night out with the girls, bachelorette party or just a great excuse to hang out with your ladies in comfort.

Includes 2 bottles of champagne or wine, cheese, fruit and cracker platter.

All services can be done either in the studio, in your home, hotel or in your office for your convenience. We can also customize parties to suit your needs.  We Xtend our services anywhere within Arizona or wherever you happen to be in the world (Contract required. Fees will apply). (Mobile cutting and coloring services with hair extension application or removal only.  Exceptions may be made with owner approval under special circumstances without extension work).

By appointment only. Contact Niki Z. to schedule your visit.

Military and first responders enjoy 20% off of all Xtend Yourself Salon services for life.