Dreadlock Extensions

Custom dreadlock hair extensions made from either natural wool or fiber hair.

These are an Xtend Yourself exclusive. We created these Dreadlock Hair Extensions for use by anyone not wanting to dread their own hair.  Xtend Yourself exclusive installation method will not damage your own hair. These will need to be removed at Xtend Yourself. We custom make each one for the client. Dreadlock Hair Extensions can take up to 30 min each to make.


(includes hair, installation and monthly maintenance for 4 months)

Per piece: $30 (up to 5 pieces includes hair)

Full head: $1500 (includes hair)

Removal with reinstall: $100 and up

Removal without reinstall: $200 and up (depending on condition of installation at time of removal)

Removal includes trimming of natural hair

By appointment only. Contact Niki Z. to schedule your visit.

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