Hair Services for Cancer Patients

Xtend Yourself Salon is about more than just superficial enhancements. We believe in extending ourselves to our community in any way we can.  We provide a private, safe, caring space for all cancer/chemo patients who are going through the emotionally difficult process of losing their hair and transitioning to wearing a cranial prosthesis (wig).

We are dedicated to helping you go through this with dignity and offer you our personal attention.

We provide, free of charge, scalp cleaning for anyone who has decided to take control of their chemo related hair loss.

We also provide free:

  • Wig trimming/cutting
  • Minor wig alterations
  • Wig care and cleaning advice.

If you come to us with a donated wig (one you didn’t pay for) we are happy to provide any service you need to make it feel like a part of you, without a release. If you have a human hair wig that you purchased and has a value of over $200 we will still provide all the work for free but you will be required to sign a release/waiver agreement stating that you do not hold Xtend Yourself Salon, it’s employees or owner at fault if something unexpected were to happen to your wig.

We ALSO provide, free of charge for anyone post chemo, their first post chemo cut and color service as a CELEBRATION of coming out the other side!

If you or someone you know is currently making the transition to enter chemo treatment, is currently wearing a cranial prosthetic due to cancer related issues, or has come out the other side and is need of their first post chemo cut and color please consider visiting us at Xtend Yourself Hair Salon!

We now offer Chemo Girls Hair Extensions!

Be healthy!

Be happy!

Be good to yourself!