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October 18th, 2014

Xtend Yourself is about more than hair extensions


We at Xtend Yourself believe in Xtending ourselves back out to the community.  It is in that spirit that we are not just about doing hair extensions, lash extensions and nails, but Xtending our services to those who might be needing more than a cosmetic change.  The Desert Cancer foundation luncheon was amazing.  We had a booth along with Dianna Lynn who does hair replacement system for women and men who have come out the other side of chemotherapy or who have otherwise compromised immune issues or other issues leading to hair loss and thinning. We will be combining our efforts, her in the  Phoenix north valley and me in the Phoenix west valley to provide safe, private and sympathetic service providers and spaces to help ease the issues that sometimes come along with hair loss.  Xtend Yourself will soon be providing hair integration systems, single strand filler extensions, micro bead hair extensions and potentially custom made and hand tied wigs.  Not only will there be a safe and private studio to visit we will also come to you in your private home, hotel, etc. for that extra privacy that some crave.  At Xtend Yourself we are also curly hair specialists and can really help those who are coming out the other side of chemo with a whole different head of hair than they had before the chemo.  We use Deva and Original Sprout products because both of these lines are non synthetic based, highly botanicalized and free from waxes, silicone, parabens, sulfates and petroleum. We would like to thank both Deva and Original Sprout for their generous donations of trial sized products for the DCFA luncheon.

We will also begin volunteering at the Gilbert location of Ironwood Cancer Research Centers in their boutique in November to help pass out the donated wigs, cut and style them, teach their new wearers how to care for their new wigs, provide makeup lessons, and discuss more natural hair, scalp and skin care options as well as provide cuts for those wishing to go short before their chemo begins.

If you have or know of anyone who has wigs for donation please contact us here at Xtend Yourself and we will be sure to put them to good use.