Hair Restore Enhancement System

Lightweight, Durable and Gentle

This is the perfect service for anyone who has extremely thin, brittle, fine hair and wants to protect their hair and scalp while allowing the hair to grow. Great for after chemotherapy or illness related hair loss where you need to be extra careful not to add weight or tension to the existing natural hair. Perfect for those who want the added length and volume of extensions but have fine hair on top and crown.

We create a bespoke system for you, on your head. You can wear this for up to 3 months but must visit every 4 weeks for tightening services. At the end of three months we will remove your system and rebuild it for you. With proper care, you may be able to reinstall the same hair for up to a year.

We have found that this system can protect your fragile hair and scalp allowing your hair to grow in thicker and longer than it may otherwise have. Our goal is to get you out of the system as soon as possible and let you enjoy your own crowning glory.

$100 per hour – not including hair (typical timeframe full-8 hrs. +, 1/2 – 4 to 6 hrs.) 

Her professional approach and attention to detail hooked me forever!

Danielle Gilmore

" Never have I had so much hair envy going on as when Niki did my hair"

Hannah Folconer

" I came out of the salon with
amazing bouncy sexy curls and loved it!"

Karen Pereira