Custom wedding hair services Whew! What a whirlwind things have been here!!! End of February, beginning of March was INSANE, AMAZING AND UPLIFTING!!!

We did our first ever salon photo shoot for the website, etc. and it was amazing! We had 8 models, all with customized hair extensions, color and cuts, along with makeup! It took over a month to prepair the extensions for each model, and then a week to do complete color changes to the models. On the morning of the shoot (it was a two day shoot, 4 models each day) we installed the extensions, refined the cuts, did the makeup and wardrobe and finally the shoot.

On the first day I was lucky to have help in the form of makeup artist Kyle Rosenfield. He was an amazing help that day…The second day it was all on me!

It couldn’t have happened without the amazing talents of Anthony Calla of photography! He was astounding! If ever you are looking for a photographer for your business, wedding or any other reason, this is your guy in AZ!

Needless to say this shoot was done just one week before my wedding and in between the shoot and the wedding I needed to take a trip back to NYC to complete my retraining as an educator for Deva Curl.  I used to work at DevaChan in Manhattan and educated for them briefly before I left the country. Now that I am back I have been interested in getting involved again as an educator as I am passionate about curly hair, people with curly hair and helping women, and men, love the hair they are in! I also used to educate for Goldwell, Swarzkopf and Chromastics Color lines. I love teaching. I love teaching my peers as well as my clients.

The wedding was wonderful. We had about 150 guests, a band, a guitarist, and a karaoke DJ. The weather was perfect and the food, from Roberts’ Catering in Gilbert, was divine as always. 

We have used him a number of times and every time he delivers amazing food, attentive staff and attention to detail.

We hope to see you here at Xtend Yourself Hair Salon.  Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere either in our private home studio or where ever you happen to be. Let us help you Xtend the beauty within….